Day 6: Your Favorite Super Hero and Why?

Who is my favorite Super Hero?… ummm

This one took me a while. I mean I am a girl and was never a big cartoon person. The only shows I liked were Ruggrats, Aurthur and that Recess show. Is that weird?

BUT I have to pick one so I moved away form the cartoon idea and onto CHRISTIAN BALE

                                                            Helloooo Dreamboat
He was Batman in “The Dark Night” and he is one of the best looking men in Hollywood (that is not my reason why but it does have to do with it).

I found it hot how he had to be secretive about being Batman and he did it so well. Oh, and he saved people….

Okay, honestly he is dreamy and hot and I would love to meet him. That is why he is my favorite Super Hero. Sorry this is not my best and no, I am not shallow.

On a different note (to make you giggle) I had another incident at the gym and it included Ugg slippers. Hehe, best part… my tennis shoes were in the bottom of my bag but I failed to look (give me a break it was 6 a.m.) and worked out in the slippers. After my workout and 234432536 odd looks I went to change and found my tennis shoes. Cool.

I laughed and thought to myself “typical”.

Another note? I had a wonderful Valentines Day! I am usually not a fan of but it was perfect this year 🙂 I am a lucky girl! Hope yours was wonderful. If it was not so wonderful I hope you ate lots of chocolate. If it was wonderful I hope you ate lots of chocolate.

My office seems to see holidays as an excuse for large amounts of treats. I suppose I can live with that.

My healthy snacks included:
-red velvet bar: YUM – I need to make these!
– cupcake

Literally, heaven

I enjoyed some carrot ts with my lunch though so obviously, it balances out.

Love, cake, and Super Hero’s


Okay, I am back!

I know, I know it has been like a WEEK. Terrible blogger manners on my part, I apologize.
BUT I CAN EXPLAIN! As you all know I began my first “full-time-big-girl-job” on Monday… Let me tell you how happy I am!
I am working with some of the smartest, hard-working and creative people I have ever met. I can honestly say I am learning more here, in a week, than in college (well some classes). I am so blessed to be working in the field I want and with such talented individuals. Okay, enough sap…

I am trying to think of a funny story from this first week that has happened… well today I wore white and spilled salsa and coffee on myself. Shocking? Nope.

Other than that probably just my mass confusion about remembering how to keep a key card glued to my side at all times (I have gotten locked out when going to the bathroom)…

Oh and I am loving not paying $121890473 a day to park downtown/ get lost in that dang sky way.


A picture of somewhere you have been.

I chose this, it is from Semester at Sea (best 4 months of my life). I am standing on the Great Wall of China and slept on it that night. Pretty cool.

I think I chose this because not only is it quite a site to see but it was a definite time in my life when I realized how blessed and lucky I am. Not many people can say they made it to The Great Wall of China, let alone when they are 20 years old. I was overwhelmed with love for my parents who allowed me to go on this trip and the life I left behind me at home.

Also, this trip in general was a real eye opener for me. I really saw how much more there is in the world other than my little tiny at St. Thomas life. When things seem like “such a big deal” at home… they probably are not. I am so fortunate for all of the people in my life. This trip unveiled my love of travel, I will now suffer from the travel bug for the rest of my life (oh no).

Alright that is all.

Oh wait! I had some Girl Scout Cookies last night and nearly cried with excitement… sad.

Peace, Love, WEEKENDS!

Days 4: Bad Habit

Day 4: A Habit You Wish You Didn’t Have?
Well, I am sure you can easily guess…. Being late (although I have cut down immensely) . I am reaaallly working hard to knock it off. I thank my older sister Megan for her lecturing on being late. She tends to keep me in line, which I need from time to time.
 It is one of my New Years Resolutions to not be late. I am usually late due to various things i.e. I went an extra mile on my run, went to yoga instead of getting ready, stopped at a bakery or forgot I had to get gas. Personally, I feel these are all legitimate reasons but unfortunately, others do not.
 I have learned that when you are late it shows the person waiting that you think your time is more important than theirs. I try very hard to never act like I am better than someone else (because I am not) . A valuable lesson I learned in Yoga Teacher Training is how we are all the same , we are all human and need to treat ALL others equally. Being late is showing you don’t care and/or your time is more valuable. Well that is just rude. I don’t want to be rude so that is my habit I am QUTTING.
I mean I don’t want to be late to the marathon do I?! NO! That would mean no PR…
Quick side note: one time I was legit three minutes late for a ten mile race and I still got 3rd haha I think it made me run faster but COME ON, Molly! 

Silly-Bad-Luck= Confidence Booster?

One of my many silly bad luck stories…

So as I have mentioned before I have silly amounts of bad luck. I had an incident the other day I thought I would share.
I woke up nice and early to go get some cross training in at the LA Fitness in Uptown. First of all getting up early is tough especially when you live in the Minnesota winter (aka hell). Also, the gym I belong to is about 15 minutes from my house. From bed to machine it takes about half an hour (ugghhrhrhh). I was so proud of myself for getting there before work…. Good thing I forgot one minor detail.
MY TENNIS SHOES. Um, okay ……..
So I stood in the locker room contemplating my options.
  1. Go all the way home without a workout and be crabby about it
  2. Try to speed down to CPY and make it there before C2 starts
  3. Workout on the elliptical… in my Ugg slippers
I chose number 3.
 I got plenty of goofy looks. The best part about it was I pretended it was completely normal. Every time someone looked at me confused or just flat out laughed at me I would look at them with a, “Okay weirdo, never seen a girl get her elliptical on before? “ look and then they would awkwardly walk away. It was actually quite entertaining to me and made the 55 minutes on the elliptical wiz by (that thing can be so boring).
I then came to work, on time, with a good workout in sans tennis shoes. I thought about it and wondered what most other (normal people) would have done in my situation and I figured many would go home due to embarrassment. I am tough to embarrass. Plus, I think I embarrassed the weirdo’s looking at me! Which leads me to the moral of the story:
 If you act embarrassed and or unsure of yourself everyone can read that. If you act confident no matter what you do others will feel that and your outcome will be success. i.e. I did not act embarrassed, got an awesome workout in and made other people thing Uggs were the new tennis shoe.
I use this mentality when marathon training. People always tell me I am nuts. For example, when I go out for a night on the town including quite a few cocktails and have to run 22 miles the next morning, everyone tells me how nuts I am (maybe so). BUT I am confident that regardless of my state the next day I WILL run those 22 miles. Guess what? I have every single time. Who is the weirdo now?!?! (probs still me).

Confidence is key in marathon training and I am instilling that in my mind for my next one. I will get my PR and if you think I am crazy… you’re crazy. (It’s okay, I am too.)

Day 3: A Picture of Your Friends.

Day 3! I have the best friends ever…

Okay, I have two sets: College and high school and they both mean the world to me :
First I will do the HHS girls… I met two of them, Kristin and Sarah in kindergarden and have been friends ever since. We went form K through 8th grade together and got in our share of trouble. Then, we moved onto high school together. We came from the tiny Catholic school so it was a bit intimidating at first…. Until I met this girl Caitlin: p.s. check out her hilarious and witty blog here. She is a third sister to me.
 We clicked right away and there was no turning back. We became instant best friends and probably somewhat annoyingly obsessed with each other. Our moms talked about how we had our own language.  We enjoyed countless sleepovers eating cookie dough until we felt sick and laughed until we cried. She has been there with me through EVERYTHING. She is a fitness guru (for realz) and is an inspiration for healthy living and just living in general (my blog inspiration and introducer too!)
Love you!!
Then we met Layman. Did I just have class with you and we fell in love? I can’t even remember but we all five became best friends and loved every second of HS together. Leaving them for UST was tough!
Forth of July at Laymans
My Cabin
But I did it… College came and I picked UST (THANK GOD) because I met these fine ladies. I have some unbelievable memories of college thanks to all these girls. Crazy, hilarious, roll on the ground laughter along with some crying (we are girls) a few cocktails (a few?!)
… and weekends away loving life.
Best two weekends ever. 
 I am blessed to have each one in my life and they have all made me a better person.

I consider my friends my soul mates and I know I am SO lucky to have them. 

Love you all 🙂