OK super quick post that will benefit your life.


I made these from Tina @ Carrots “N’ Cake and toped it with this…

The bestest ever


Then I cired. So good. So so good.


Do it… you want to.


Why do bad things happen? 

So recently, two very important people in my life have gone through some really tough times.

These “things” came out of no where. I saw two of my favorite people blindsided and heartbroken.

How do I react? Why do these things happen? What do I say?

UMMM I love you man?!

ummm I love you, man?

Well, I learned there is never the right thing to say. It is never easy; you will never say the perfect thing to make them feel 100 percent better. Just be there for them.

I gave my advice and tried to tell them it would be OK, but sometimes they just can’t believe it will be OK. So then you hug them. Sometimes that is the only thing you can do and the only thing that will help. Being there can mean more than talking.

The funny thing about bad things is they make you realize what’s important. I realized how lucky I am to be alive. I am healthy, happy, I can run far, practice yoga, drink wine with friends, laugh and chow down on good pizza with my rommates (Thai chicken pizza from Galactic pizza-omg), sit at home with my parents, buy new shoes and bike around the city.

We are so lucky to be alive and we often forget those little things in our lives that make it so terrific. Yesterday, I bought a new pair of running shoes and it made my day AND I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert (omg key lime bar from Ginger Hop is unreal) with my great boy. We so easily forget to appreciate the little things in life.


Basically, the moral of my story is enjoy life, smile, spend time with people you love, eat good food and buy yourself some running shoes every once in a while.

I love you Asics... too much... it's like weird.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Marcus Aurelius



New Blog! 

Hellooooooo all 🙂

So I have a new blog page here! Isn’t it cute? Thanks, I know.

I will update you with a few tid bits of life, too! Life changes have begun…

1. The best boy I know moved to L.A. 😦 sad but exciting. I cannot waaaaait to visit!


2. Best friends from high school moved five blocks away.


4. I actually started training for the marathon … I went out for a ten miler on Sunday and it ended up being 14!! I just felt so good I didn’t want to stop. Although, it could have been cause I was missing a certain someone and had a lot on my mind but hey, I had a kick booty run!

5. I made homemade hummus! It was totally delish but I used a blender so it was super chunky… Mom, Dad can you please buy me a food processor??? 😀 pleeeeeeasae.

6. I  bought the cutest new LBD at Parc Boutique the best shop in NE!

7. Caitlin and I are blogging outside coming up with the best ideas for our futures…

8. I am buying a camera tomorrow. AKA the blog will improve.

9. I tried a new restaurant with my sista Urban Eatery 

Peace, love, and homemade hummus.