New Blog!

Hellooooooo all 🙂

So I have a new blog page here! Isn’t it cute? Thanks, I know.

I will update you with a few tid bits of life, too! Life changes have begun…

1. The best boy I know moved to L.A. 😦 sad but exciting. I cannot waaaaait to visit!


2. Best friends from high school moved five blocks away.


4. I actually started training for the marathon … I went out for a ten miler on Sunday and it ended up being 14!! I just felt so good I didn’t want to stop. Although, it could have been cause I was missing a certain someone and had a lot on my mind but hey, I had a kick booty run!

5. I made homemade hummus! It was totally delish but I used a blender so it was super chunky… Mom, Dad can you please buy me a food processor??? 😀 pleeeeeeasae.

6. I  bought the cutest new LBD at Parc Boutique the best shop in NE!

7. Caitlin and I are blogging outside coming up with the best ideas for our futures…

8. I am buying a camera tomorrow. AKA the blog will improve.

9. I tried a new restaurant with my sista Urban Eatery 

Peace, love, and homemade hummus.


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