Admitting an Obsession

OK, I am admitting and obsession or even an addiction…. I love the Kardashians. All of them. Kris, the new Kris, Bruce, Kim, Courtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Scott, MASON, and even Rob.

I want to be one!!

They are completely entertaining and make me laugh hysterically. Now, some people make fun of me for loving this show.

“Why don’t you watch the news or something that will educate you?”

Well, you know what? Sometimes I want to watch something that does not use my mind at all. I am proud to admit that sometimes the mind needs dumb. Sometimes we need to look past what we “should” watch and or “should” do tonight and know that not everything is perfect (Scott makes me remember this). Imperfection is totally OK and the little things in life make those imperfections forgettable. The Kardashians are one of my little guilty pleasures.

Life is simple, simple things make us smile, and even if everything isn’t perfect the little things can make it pretty close.

Love this.

Sometimes we just need to let ourselves laugh and to dig deep into celebrity gossip… and not act like we are above it.

I am a Kardashian addict and I am proud. Also, I love the Jersey Shore 🙂 They make me laugh.


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