Shopping Whoopsies…

Today, I went to the mall. No, not the mall… The Mall of America.


This place has been the love of my life since I was a little girl. I asked my mom to take me at least once a week. When I walked in I remember thinking I was in heaven. I could walk around and care less if I got lost or bought anything; I just loved looking at all of the pretty clothes, toys and jewelry. My mom even talks about how cute I used to be (mind you I was chubby and had a uni-brow), she says I as her FAVORITE daughter to take shopping because I would never ask for anything. Cough, Cough, see Megan and Kate, I was the favorite…

Anyways, favoritism aside, times have changed and I am a terrible shopper. The stores love me, my bank account does not. Because, I LOVE SHOPPING AND BUYING THINGS. Yes, I love to purchase. I can admit it. I have had many roommates, family members and even random people on the street tell me I need to stop. OK, haha that was an exaggeration, people on the street don’t usually talk to me. I am aware of this “purchase problem” and every time I step foot in a shop I tell myself, “NO”. But I just can’t help it, it’s so fun…

Take today, I went to the lovely, beautiful, enchanting Mall of America- to get a dress for a friends wedding. I walked in on a mission telling myself, “Molly, no jeans, no shoes, no purses, no scarves.” (I guess I somewhat succeeded… left with none of those).

So here I am, a little lady on a mission and it happens… I walk into my first stop, H&M innocent enough, right?…

WRONG. I am immediately swept up by the music, the enormous pictures of sexy models, the colors, textures and even the SMELL (OK, that my have been the crepe stand near by), but I could not be stopped. Yes, I tried on eight dresses but left with none.

How could I not?!

Want to know what I left with? Black wide-legs, short overalls, and a fur vest. Great outfit for a wedding, Molly. Want to know what is worse!? I kept going, I could not be stopped. I wondered in a shoppers haze to Urban Outfitters, where I found not one dress but two. One I will wear tonight and one is so weird and random, I truly have no idea when I will wear it…. Anyways, after that purchase I stopped and took a deep breathe and somehow, stopped myself (after buying a Godvia chocolate). I left the mall. Somewhat confused, somewhat excited to wear a fur vest, somewhat disappointed in myself.

I sat in my car and wondered to myself, when will I get to wear my overalls?! 🙂 Did I feel guilty, not really… I may when I look at my bank account. Did I learn something from this little escapade? Why yes.

As I drove away with those MOA stars and stripes whispering “Come back, Molly“, I reflected on my shopping shenanigans adventure and realized something…

That's not actually me...

I have a shopping problem… hehe , yes. But, I looked back on how I used to be as a kid. I never asked for anything, I loved to look at things and just BE at the mall. I have changed quite a bit since I was a wee little Molly and that’s what life is; a strange little, confusing, fun, busy adventure. We can change so much over the years and go from one thing to the next and that is OK. I am in a transition period now and that is OK. I may not be the little girl I once was but pieces of me are the same. No, I do not still have a uni-brow but I still love sweets, the mall and my mom. Change happens, be OK with it… it will all work out.

Like me, someday I will not be a shop-o-holic.

Until then my friends, shop on.


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