Wonderful Links, Friday

Hi and happy Friday!!

I  found a few great links throughout the week and I think they will be helpful to my millions of readers 🙂

I will probably have more than two... Sour

1. OK, it is finally fall and that means cooler weather, boots, scarves, and warm meals! I came across this lovely website/ blog this morning and think everyone and their mother needs to explore it! There are some fabulous Crock Pot recipes on here, from healthy, to dessert, breakfast to comfort foods. Check out Crock Pot Girls now and get cooking. Well, not really because you barely do anything when you use a Crock Pot, which is awesome.

Hehe, I would do this...

2. Runners World posted an article on how to avoid weight gain during marathon training. Here is a little info. on that. I don’t necessarily think it is something you should worry about when training, weight gain is usually muscle BUT it is something to be mindful of. I have heard people complain to me about this before and for anyone dealing with unwanted lbs while training- check it out.

**Note, in my opinion, marathon training is not a weight loss program it is a strengthening program. There are better and safer ways to loose weight, I don’t think it should be a focus when you are training.

3. This post from the lovely, Sarah at Yes and Yes, with a travel guide to Turin, Italy. My parents are currently abroad in Italy and I received a drunk dial excited call from my mother the other night.

Oh, hi Mom and Dad...

“Molly, we miss you… we are dancing at a discotecha and explored Rome all day!”

These are not actually my parents, FYI.

Yes, my parents lead a more exciting life than I do. Between this post and my fun-loving-life-stealing parent’s escapade to Italy… I am aware that I still have lots of world left to explore and chocolate to eat. The world is too tiny to stay locked up in Minneapolis for the rest of my life. The same goes for you!!

4. It’s the freaking weekend: Make this delicious looking recipe from Recipe Girl Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. I mean, is that not the perfect lazy morning breakfast?! I may be at my parents on Sunday, if these are made and consumed I will post my shot at them. They will not look as perfect…

Well, that is all I have for today. Super random and not rhyme or reason. Just thought they could be some nice weekend reads for my millions, oh, excuse me- it looks like it just went up to TRILLIONS of reader. Enjoy!! 🙂

Peace, Love and Cocktails!


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