I Ran…

So, I have not been talking about my training on the blog lately… because I have not been training. Now, don’t get all worked up- I have not been able to. My right Achilles Tendon is extremely cranky, which has resulted in two weeks without running. Not Cool.

Kid, I feel ya.

Now, I could either get super upset about this and stomp my feet and cry (OK, maybe I cried a tiny bit) or… deal with it. I am very familiar with dealing with injures. I have had about every runner’s injury that exists and I have learned from experince not to push it.

Basically, I am taking it super slow and trying to nurse my bratty little tendon back to health. I took about two straight weeks off of running and the elliptical. It really sucks but it’s life. I had two good 20 millers and well… I am hoping for the best.

I ran yesterday to see if it was better. Energy wise, I thought I could have run forever. My legs felt fantastic, my breathing was right on and my energy was through the roof. My tendon started to act up around mile five so I called it quits around six and hit the elliptical to get a few more miles in. I was happy to run but bummed, I wanted to do a solid 10-15 before Chicago but I just couldn’t push it. Life goes on.

I am no longer shooting for my personal best at Chicago and also realize finishing might be out of the question. This totally bums me out but I know it is more important to be able to run for many years to come rather than busting my tendon, which I have done before. I guess it is good to recognize I can realize when to back off but it’s still tough. I get so excited for marathons, the finishing feeling is unlike any other. It is complete and utter bliss and astonishment in yourself… every time I finish, I cry.

Post Boston BLISS

On a lighter note- This whole not running thing has introduced me to some new, fun workouts. I have finally learned to ENJOY SPINNING. I used to hate spin with a flipping passion. I wanted to get off my bike and throw the damn thing at every teacher I had.

“STOP YELLING AT ME TO CLIMB THAT STUPID FAKE HILL”, was one of the usual thoughts running through my head. But, since my running has been nonexistent and I am still planning on marathoning, I knew I had to keep my cardio up and spinning was the only option. Well, now I like it. If you are ever pissed off about something let me tell you peddling your little feet so hard and fast reeeeeeally helps.

This is so true... mostly, the part about the hair on my legs.

I also began taking Hot Yoga at Core Power, which was the only class I never attended there before. I would not claim to love it yet but I am appreciating certain aspects and the way it challenges my mind and body.

So, my little lesson from this running mis-hap would be to never stop trying new things and remember that those little, unplanned events or things that seem to “wreck your life” well, they probably won’t. You may open doors to new  experiences and lets face it, us humans are  boring creatures of habit. A little change is good every once in a while plus, it makes you appreciate the things you took for granted. I must tell you, those six miles I ran the other day were some of the best six I have ever run. Just remember – Life goes on.

Tis' true.


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