Oh, I ran Chicago…

Well, I ran the Chicago Marathon… Want to know when I decided to give it a shot (injury and all)… the night before at 6:30 p.m. Thank goodness it was before dinner so I could get in a carbo load meal the night before.

Now to preface this, I had not run for an entire month before this (except the three miler I mentioned below). My Achilles tendons have been experiencing some serious issues with me running a marathon. I decided a few weeks ago not to run the marathon and to just go cheer on my sister and friends. I went down with no intention of running. Friday night, I went out with a best GF and raged and drank like there was no tomorrow.

We tend to cause trouble

Wake up pretty darn hung over on Saturday and head to the expo with the girls who are actually running. I pick up my packet and number just because and well, … I start getting race FOMO (fear of missing out). I tell the girls I am going to run it and they basically tell me no, I am not. Little did they know I was serious.

Right before we head to dinner I got out for a mile run- it was pain-free! So what’s another 25.2?!? I go to dinner and announce that I am running tomorrow no matter what anyone says, pass the bread!

Well, long story short I was breezing right along at my normal 7:40 pace and pain-free until 13 miles then, OUCH! My Achilles were not happy with me, actually they were pissed off. I pull over to the side and start ferociously shaking my ankle out. I decided to take on one more mile. From there on out it was one more mile, plus one more mile, plus one more mile… until I reached 21 miles and then- HOLY COW PAIN. I definitely could have dropped out at this point; I mean no one even knew I was running. I am sorry but making it that far and quitting, not an option for this girl. I kept on keeping on. Lets just say I had one mile that was a 10:24- OK, that is not bad by any means but for me, that’s bad! I was legit pulling off to the side and doing down dog while praying to God I’d make it to the finish, which I did. It was a miracle. I crossed the finish line at 3:49… about 25 minutes slower than my usual pace. I am totally happy with that considering I was not even running it 24 hours before the race began.

I am amazed at what the body can do. I had not run for a month and was injured but still whipped out 26.2 miles. And now four days later, I am pretty much pain-free. NUTS.

Not only did I finish but so did my friend Kate and my sister Megan! Their first marathons!!!

Vino to celebrate.... yes I went to a bar that night like this.

You did it!! 🙂 So proud!

Plus, Rachael completed the half… after not running for two months. She’s nuts too.

All in all, Chicago is a wonderful marathon. I am going to do it again because it is so darn flat. I know I would have PR’d but hey, next time it is! 🙂  The crowd was unreal and I truly owe it to them for getting me through. I think there was like one block without a huge crowd cheering us on. It was unreal. I will be back for round two.

Next on the schedule, Boston 2012. I am going to take a month off from running to fully recoup and then jump into Boston training this January (ugh, winter training). I am looking forward to running it again and to spending more time in the lovely city of Boston. I am not looking for a PR or anything here just hoping to get in a solid training program and stick too it this time. I failed to do so for Chicago and uped my mileage too quick, which shocker, lead to injury.

Live and learn my friends.

OK, almost done but one last shout out to Kate, Megan and Rachael. You guys are awesome and insane and I love you for the wonderful weekend we had together!!


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