Breakfast, I love you.

I love breakfast; it is seriously my favorite meal of the day. Weather it’s a long weekend brunch with mimosas, toast, jam, eggs and bacon or a bowl of oatmeal with berries and coffee after a Minnesota morning run. Don’t even get me started on my mom’s holiday homemade brunch of monkey bread and egg bake. I love it all.

Breakfast is usually a peaceful time of day for me. It allows me to relax before tackling the day. I tend to workout (weekdays) before breakfast so I like to include protein, carbs and fiber in my morning meal- to keep me full and replenish my muscles :).

I know a lot of people are unsure of what to eat for breakfast and how important it is so I am throwing a few of my favorites out there; from my weekday eats to favorite brunch spots! Maybe I’ll even post my mom’s recipes soon… cause I probably won’t be able to invite my 1028309831 readers over on Christmas Day…

Weekday Favs

The standard oatmeal, and berries: I love a big warm bowl of oats in the morning (esp. in this damn Minnesota winter) but just oats and fruit doesn’t do the trick for me after logging six or so miles. I love to add a scoop of protein powder to my oats and berries. Yum! Mix it right in and you have a creamy, delicious bowl of dessert tasting breakfast! Want to know the bonus? You will be full until lunch!

Hi you little yummy mess.

Why? The Fiber in oats, protein and carbs keep you satisfied and if you workout in the morning, you replenish your hard-working muscles! If you don’t workout early (that’s OK, I know I am weird and lots of ppl don’t) it is still the perfect breakfast to get your metabolism going in the morning and “breaking-the-fast” from overnight.


I know, nothing exciting but I do spice mine up. I love Kashi (all kinds) but Go Lean adds more protein than an egg plus lots of fiber. I add fresh or frozen berries and yep, more protein powder. The protein powder adds some sweetness, and makes the bowl nice and creamy.

My mix usually consists of:


Some other sugary cereal 🙂


Almond milk

Tbsp. of protein powder- I use Trader Joes Women’s Vanilla.

Hi, I like you.

Filling and delish.

Pumpkin Pie Bowl

OMG are you dying to know what this is?! Duh, it’s the best breakfast ever.

I take a plain Greek yogurt, mixed with a packet of Better Oats, a half-cup of pumpkin and fresh or frozen blueberries. Stir. Add Stevia and a tsp. of vanilla protein powder and some cinnamon.

OMG you will be in heaven and think you are eating a big Thanksgiving dessert. I had it this morning after a cold morning run and it tasted sooooo good.

Full for hours and with more than 20 grams of protein my muscles are happy too.

Those are some of my favorites – others include PB toast with a banana, oatmeal with PB, or when I have time Gina’s Protein Pancakes! SOOOOO GOOD.

Now that’s just the weekdays…. Here is a quick list of my favorite MPLS brunch spots.


Nothing beats a long weekend brunch, sitting there with friends, fam or a cute boyfriend for hours while eating good food, sipping hot coffee and having nowhere to go, what could be better?!

I love:

Pizza Luce– Never had the breakfast pizza but other items are sooooo good. (Greek omelet= holy cow).

Zumbros– Firtattas and scones.

Cupcake – Favorite is the tofu scramble w/ toast.

Keys Downtown– For simple and cheap.

Longfellows – NUM. Everything.

Wilde Roast– Omelets are the

Aster Cafe– Breakfast burrito and sandwiches.

French Meadow Bakery– I would eat here every morning if I could.

Good Earth– Hands down the best pancakes.

Hells Kitchen– Their PB is not even normal it’s so good. Very good for post long runs (or hangovers, haha) some good, greasy, comfort food.

Isle’s Buns and Coffee– Their puppy-dog-tail cinnamon roles make me cry, they are so unreal.

Café Maude– If you’ve got a pretty penny to spend or want to impress someone.

I am trying Blackbird café this weekend and I have heard great things! I will do a recap afterwards!

Oh breakfast, never leave me.

What’s your favorite breakfast during the work week or brunch spot?


Boot Camp Recap.

I was truly amazed by what people can do. I know I have learned this through marathons but Boot Camp was a different kind of inspiration because I was the one doing the inspiring (and yelling). I felt so alive cheering the crew on. Thirty some people of different shapes and ages pushed themselves to get up and get their asses kicked every morning at 6 a.m. The workouts were insanely hard and non- stop plus, they were encouraged to workout twice a day. I would see them there every morning and then at night for a tough class.

They were tired, beat up and sore but they kept coming day in and day out. It was beautiful. I felt so lucky to be apart of their experience. I saw them almost give up and then I would tell them to give me five more, and they would. They were animals and inspired me everyday to complete my own workouts. I truly believe you can push yourself to complete any task you put your heart and mind into, your body will follow.

Hard work is a beautiful and inspiring thing, I am forever grateful to my Boot Camp crew for what they did for me. They re-inspired me in so many ways.

What inspired you today?

I am thankful for coconut flour

OMG- I am obsessed with something: Coconut Flour! Do you not like coconuts? Well, neither do I so keep reading- it tastes soooo good.

Have you tried this yet? If not you should. Yes, it is pricy but it is so worth it, you get plenty of servings from it.

I love you.

My latest use is in my morning oats, I simply add one tablespoon to my yogurt, oats and strawberries and BOOM. Delicious and nutritious breakfast- and not to mention filling, protein packed and high in fiber. It is so creamy and tasty. The coconut flour adds flavor and sweetness while thickening it up like no one’s business. I usually add some water or milk to make it the consistency I like it.

Now you may be wondering; what are the real benefits to coconut flour? I AM EXCITED TO TELL YOU.

Let’s begin:
1. It is an excellent source of gluten free fiber.

2. It is high in protein.

3. It has the highest amount of insoluble fiber than any other flours, which is the fiber that provides NO calories. Coconut meat is composed primarily of non-digestible fiber with a beneficial amount of water and smart oil (source).

4. It assists in detoxifying your body.

5. It supports digestion.

6. It influences your bodies’ ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

7. The extreme low glycemic index allows your body to slow down absorption and keeps your blood sugar low.

8. You can substitute it for regular flour in recipes but sure to add an extra egg per ounce for a binding agent.

9. Works well in gravy and any recipe that calls for a thickening agent.

Must I continue? Well, I will quite boring you but seriously, go buy some it’s the

I just demolished some in my b-fast and it was oh so tasty and satisfying after a long morning at Core Power.

Peace love and coconut flower!

Oh so Lucky.

Today I am thankful for health.

My mom forwarded me an email yesterday morning from one of her good friends from high school. She had an email of someone I needed so my mom reached out to her for me. It took her while to respond and she explained why in the email.

She has been cancer free for 11 years and recently found out it showed up again in her spine. Obviously, she is going through and incredibly hard time but the entire email was upbeat and positive. She ended her email with the following:

“I can’t believe it- 11 years and now this?! I am feeling really sick and have been laying low in bed but I’m a fighter, ya know? And it will be OK.”

At the same moment I was reading this, I was sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself for a variety of reasons (lame reasons). I was thinking about skipping my run and complaining about other things. As soon as I read the email I started crying. I was overwhelmed by her strength and attitude towards life. I don’t know if I would be as positive as she has been. Truly inspiring.

I got my butt out of bed, laced up my tennis shoes and thanked God for my health. I had a great run- between her and my morning boot camp crew listening to me yell at them all morning, I was inspired to knock out six miles in 45 minutes. Done and done.

It is easy for us to get wrapped up in our little diva lives and worries, sometimes we need a rude awakening to remember life really isn’t that bad. It’s amazing.

How to Stay Inspired

How do you inspire people? How do you stay inspired?

Well, this morning I was up bright and early coaching Boot Camp at Core Power Yoga. Let me tell you, watching a group of people sweat their brains out, do berpees, until they can’t breathe, and squat so low their legs shake is a sure fire way to get your own butt moving.

This group is of all different shapes and sizes and they really are working so hard. They can move, run, crunch and squat like it’s no ones business and I love each and every one of them already. It is never easy to get out of bed at five something in the morning but to go and cheer these people on… it is easy! (easier).

After I coached I was inspired to stick around for a lovely C2 class- it was challenging yet calming. I felt inspired to take on my Monday after an incredibly productive morning!

Not me today!

A little more on Boot Camp. It is a two-week program of 6 a.m. workouts including weights, TRX bands and cardio. We encourage two-a-day workouts and healthy eating! It is a fantastic program and I am so happy to spend my mornings with this lovely team. I was feeling a bit in my own work out slump and this was just what I needed.

November is always a time of being thankful and I am thankful this month for the ability to be physically active and to be surrounded by inspiring people!

I am lucky to have arms and legs that move and lift and run and jump. Thank God.

I am also thankful for wine and cupcakes but during these two weeks, I will be giving both of them up. Our bootcampers are encouraged to set a goal or two of things they will work on and I chose giving up alcohol and cupcakes. I consume both a tad too often (esp. cupcakes).