How to Stay Inspired

How do you inspire people? How do you stay inspired?

Well, this morning I was up bright and early coaching Boot Camp at Core Power Yoga. Let me tell you, watching a group of people sweat their brains out, do berpees, until they can’t breathe, and squat so low their legs shake is a sure fire way to get your own butt moving.

This group is of all different shapes and sizes and they really are working so hard. They can move, run, crunch and squat like it’s no ones business and I love each and every one of them already. It is never easy to get out of bed at five something in the morning but to go and cheer these people on… it is easy! (easier).

After I coached I was inspired to stick around for a lovely C2 class- it was challenging yet calming. I felt inspired to take on my Monday after an incredibly productive morning!

Not me today!

A little more on Boot Camp. It is a two-week program of 6 a.m. workouts including weights, TRX bands and cardio. We encourage two-a-day workouts and healthy eating! It is a fantastic program and I am so happy to spend my mornings with this lovely team. I was feeling a bit in my own work out slump and this was just what I needed.

November is always a time of being thankful and I am thankful this month for the ability to be physically active and to be surrounded by inspiring people!

I am lucky to have arms and legs that move and lift and run and jump. Thank God.

I am also thankful for wine and cupcakes but during these two weeks, I will be giving both of them up. Our bootcampers are encouraged to set a goal or two of things they will work on and I chose giving up alcohol and cupcakes. I consume both a tad too often (esp. cupcakes).


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