I am thankful for coconut flour

OMG- I am obsessed with something: Coconut Flour! Do you not like coconuts? Well, neither do I so keep reading- it tastes soooo good.

Have you tried this yet? If not you should. Yes, it is pricy but it is so worth it, you get plenty of servings from it.

I love you.

My latest use is in my morning oats, I simply add one tablespoon to my yogurt, oats and strawberries and BOOM. Delicious and nutritious breakfast- and not to mention filling, protein packed and high in fiber. It is so creamy and tasty. The coconut flour adds flavor and sweetness while thickening it up like no one’s business. I usually add some water or milk to make it the consistency I like it.

Now you may be wondering; what are the real benefits to coconut flour? I AM EXCITED TO TELL YOU.

Let’s begin:
1. It is an excellent source of gluten free fiber.

2. It is high in protein.

3. It has the highest amount of insoluble fiber than any other flours, which is the fiber that provides NO calories. Coconut meat is composed primarily of non-digestible fiber with a beneficial amount of water and smart oil (source).

4. It assists in detoxifying your body.

5. It supports digestion.

6. It influences your bodies’ ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

7. The extreme low glycemic index allows your body to slow down absorption and keeps your blood sugar low.

8. You can substitute it for regular flour in recipes but sure to add an extra egg per ounce for a binding agent.

9. Works well in gravy and any recipe that calls for a thickening agent.

Must I continue? Well, I will quite boring you but seriously, go buy some it’s the bomb.com.

I just demolished some in my b-fast and it was oh so tasty and satisfying after a long morning at Core Power.

Peace love and coconut flower!


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