Boot Camp Recap.

I was truly amazed by what people can do. I know I have learned this through marathons but Boot Camp was a different kind of inspiration because I was the one doing the inspiring (and yelling). I felt so alive cheering the crew on. Thirty some people of different shapes and ages pushed themselves to get up and get their asses kicked every morning at 6 a.m. The workouts were insanely hard and non- stop plus, they were encouraged to workout twice a day. I would see them there every morning and then at night for a tough class.

They were tired, beat up and sore but they kept coming day in and day out. It was beautiful. I felt so lucky to be apart of their experience. I saw them almost give up and then I would tell them to give me five more, and they would. They were animals and inspired me everyday to complete my own workouts. I truly believe you can push yourself to complete any task you put your heart and mind into, your body will follow.

Hard work is a beautiful and inspiring thing, I am forever grateful to my Boot Camp crew for what they did for me. They re-inspired me in so many ways.

What inspired you today?


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