Georgetown Cupcakes

Hey Party People!

Some of you may know… I checked something off my bucket list last week! I tried Georgetown Cupcakes! Now, if you are a sweet freak-aholic like me, you understand these are the best of the best. I love trying different cupcakes and love trying the TOP runners. I am lucky my boyfriend lives in L.A. so I have had the privilege of trying quite a few of the best such as, Sprinkles and Yummy. On a trip to New York City I sunk my teeth into a massive Crumb cupcake and where it all began… in London at the lovely Humming Bird cafe. I am also happy to report that Minneapolis does a pretty darn good job too- between Cocoa and Fig, Cupcake and Wuollets… a girl can satisfy her sweet tooth any day!

I have been a lucky girl to travel far and eat cupcakes, but one that has been out of reach (and raved about by many) is Georgetown and my office party made dreams come true.

DUDE- this is real life. Was I in D.C.? Nope. I DIE I DIE!!!

This is the box they came in. OMG.

Here is a short review:

First of all, if you get to D.C. go here and eat one or three cupcakes (or more, I wouldn’t judge you). I know the line is super long- it’s worth it.

OR order them. It was a little spendy but seriously not as bad as I expected. Plus, Kim  Kardashian had these at her wedding and she probably will at her next five weddings… obviously that makes them cool. I bet Kris Humphries is the only person on the planet who is not a fan.

We ordered three Holiday Packages.


Check out this cupcake porn…

Soo delish.


Gingerbread Cupcake

I went for the Gingerbread Cupcake and half a Red Velvet. The Red Velvet was great but not the best I’ve ever had (tough category cause all red velvet is good) but you guys, the Gingerbread was insane!!! See that little gingerbread man on top? He was like a chocolate/ ginger melty treat. The cake was gingerbread cake- unreal and the frosting was legit out of control. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Frosting. I cannot even talk or think about this frosting without coming to tears about how ungodly good it was and how everyone I know needs to try it, now. I DIE I DIE.

I saved and froze an eggnog one for the boyfriend when he comes home to try it- I have gotten him into sweets too! 🙂

The verdict: these cupcakes are worth the wait, weather you wait in line there or get them sent to you and wait days… they are worth it. You might be thinking to yourself, “Molly just likes cupcakes…” this is true BUT I know a good one. This is in my top three cupcakes I have ever had. Sprinkles Red Velvet and Yummy’s Half and Half Red Velvet (red velvet with half cream cheese frosting and half cocoa cream cheese) are up there too.

So yes, I love cupcakes so much and these are lovely. The next time I am in D.C. I will be waiting in a three block line to try another flavor… or one of my friends could get married and order these for their shower. Hint, hint Amanda and Leah 😉 kidding, kind of.

Peace, love and out of control cupcakes. xoxo

My first Sprinkles experience... so happy.



Herro Friends,

Um, it is almost Christmas and I am no where near ready. There is no snow in Minnesota and the only time I like snow here is for the three days surrounding Christmas… I have yet to get gifts for my parents (sorry guys) and I have not seen the Holidazzle (is it over?). Needless to say, I am excited but just not quite ready.

One thing I have been doing to embrace the Holiday season; eating treats… Let me show you in my WIAW #2

Today began with an unpictured PB and nanner before my run, and then a big bowl of blueberries, oatmeal, greek yogurt, coconut flower and some cereal for crunch.

It was clearly so yummy I forgot to take a picture until it was all gone…. it was good.

Oh, you were good.

Luncheroo was a panera combo: Chicken noodle cause I have not been feeling good (still), and a Harvest Apple Salad or something like that… I usually get bread but they were out of whole grain roles so I went for the apple.

Soup, salad and an apple.

A snack included  a Luna and another apple- they keep the doctor away, right?!



Dinner was a tasty concoction I can fully thank TJs for. I marinated green beans, mushrooms, onions and garlic in Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar.

Step one...

Then added Arugula, a favorite green- lots of flavor!

Herro Veggies.

Then sautéed up a TJ’s Salmon Burger- not a pretty picture but it tasted good!

Omega 3 me!

Added a little more of these:

These were all topped on the salmon and a chopped tomato; delish! I want to make this into an appetizer by throwing it on a toasted baguette or something!

I also had little whole wheat role from Great Harvest!

The star of the show was the tomato topped with balsamic, pepper and goat cheese though… seriously on bread- eat this now.

So tasty.

Lastly, this is where my treats come in…

OK- my office keeps getting goody baskets sent in and they are so GOOD! I ate a few chocolates at work and brought these home for an after dinner treat, The big cookie was a mint chocolate cookie covered in … more chocolate. INSANE.

The other treat was a salted caramel- nough said. The cookie was Harry and David and the caramel was from Sweet Revolution, these are insane and come in the cutest packaging!

Overall, nom nom nom nom… obvi, coffee, tea, and a cappucinio were consumed with lotsa water! 🙂

Another food subject: I CANNOT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER. My mom makes the best meal ever… trust me, I will post on it.

Peace, love and yummy food.

The bad things about yoga…

Last night I attended one of my favorite teacher’s C2 class at the Grand Ave. CPY. As usual, the class was juicy and delicious. I have been trying to up my running mileage (more on that later) so the class felt great on my tight quads. 🙂

Now, after class I had a run-in with one of the things I don’t like about yoga, which led me to this post idea: The bad things about yoga…

I popped out of class and headed to the showers. Let me preface this with one important fact… I got a spray tan on Saturday night (stop judging me right now). Well my friends, my tan slowly started to umm flake and run off. You see, when you practice and/or teach yoga numerous times a day, you shower a lot. This significantly decreases the length of your spray tan life. Devastating.

That actually is not me.

I was sad to see the beautiful tan and glow I had flowing down the Core Power Drain. I am now looking a bit streaky and orange in some places…. as I was in the shower I thought to myself, ”what else is bad about practicing yoga?”

I thought long and hard and…NOTHING people. I am not kidding, I can list off oodles of reasons I should stop running (I won’t) but yoga? Only if I am extremely concerned with taking minimal showers and maximizing my spray tan life, would I ever dream of saying boo about yoga.

It is an amazing practice that nourishes our minds, bodies and souls. It only makes your running better, swimming stronger, stress levels lower, anxiety down, joints juicer, metabolism faster… the list goes on. If you enjoy running slow, high anxiety and stress and other things listed above, then don’t do yoga.

So my point, yoga is an amazing thing. But, if you live for your spray tans… it may not be for you.

Peace, love, yoga and spray tans (hehe).

What a Running Break can Do.

This morning I went for an eight miler. This has not happened in quite a while. After the craziness of the Chicago Marathon I had not really done any longer distances. I did nothing over six actually. I just felt too much pain in Chi-town and even after- my Achilles was not happy with me. So I did what I should- took a big ole’ break.

I don’t know what made me want to run far this morning but I just couldn’t hold back. I ran the eight in under an hour and it felt so good. No pain my friends= happy Molly. I LOVE running but not when I am in pain (shocking I know). Today’s run made me realize something; it is very important to give your body a break, a long break.

Why is Nike so sweet? Hey Nike, feel free to recruit me. I'll move to you.

I used to run every single day except Sundays. Sure, that can be considered rest but do you really think 24 hours allows your body to fully recover from six consecutive runs? Nope. Totally fine to stick to that schedule, as I will when I am training (well actually I do five days now) but every once in a while, when you are not training, when its cold out (wazzup Minnesota) or when you just don’t feel like it- give your body a break- it deserves a nice long one.

After my break I had an incredible run and felt inspired to start my Boston training in a few months… but until then I will keep my long runs around eight and no more than once a month. Running should be something I feel I “get” to do not “have” to do. Today I felt so lucky to run and also lucky to be able to give my body a break.

Trust me, the last month or so of straight yoga, and a few short runs here and there, felt damn good.

Boston, I am looking forward to you, but until then, yoga.

My first WIAW

Oh hi,

This is my very first What I ate Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Jen of Peas and Crayons.

I have been meaning to do it for quite a while but tend to forget to take pics… I am finally getting the hang of it!

My morning meal began with an unpictured nanner and some PB before I hit up the elliptical and completed this workout from PB Fingers. I can definitely feel it today- it was a strength+cardio circuit workout. I have been getting bored with my routine so it was a nice way to change it up. Thanks, Julie!

Great morning workout- I completed it with ten-pound weights and added an extra five each burpee set in the last round. Woofta burpees are killa!

I then enjoyed some delicious Pumpkin Pie Oats when I returned home and showered off.

Wish I had some whipped cream on that...

In the mix:

½ cup of oats

1 ½ cups water

½ cup of pumpkin

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

Cinnamon like everywhere

1 cup of frozen blueberries

Cereal for crunch on top

Soaked overnight and then heated in the microwave in the a.m. so it thickens up- Yum!

Next meal included Monique’s Ambitious Kitchen Recipe and a huge salad w/ hummus.


Look at that melt job!

In my quesadilla I used what I had on hand:

1 WW Flatout Wrap

½ cup of refried black beans with limejuice

½ cup (or more) of butternut squash cubes (steamed)

1 serving of Daiya pepper jack cheese- this was my first time using this cheese substitute and it melted awesome. I have a really hard time digesting cheese and eat a lot of soy so I have been trying out other subs. This was great!

I also added sliced onions and tomatoes. This was soooo good- I threw mine on the Panini maker because I love the crispness it adds. I loved this and highly recommend any and all of Monique’s recipes! Seriously, her latest is Rolo stuffed cookies…

Later in the day I had my “apple a day” and a Peppermint Stick Luna….. Seriously so delish it’s like Christmas in a bar.

I love you.

I had a little time before yoga and hit up Starbucks and a gift shop near by… I enjoyed a soy cappuccino as I worked on yoga playlists- yum :

Dinner came after a little C2 at Core Power.


A huge salad of kale, romaine, tomatoes, roasted butternut squash, goats cheese, brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli, TJ’S Champaign vinaigrette (my fav) sesame sticks (another obsession lately) and a TJ’S meatless Italian Sausage. Random protein source but it was all I had on hand and it actually worked really well. I also added a side of beans and salsa.

Dessert: Another obsession lately- a toasted bagel thin or piece of bread, one half topped with Biscoff spread and chocolate and butterscotch chips and the other with PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams. Dude, this is nuts. Plus a few spoons of Biscoff straight into my mouth while the bread was toasting (duh).

Get over here.

Drinks included lots of water, coffee and tea. I have been sick so I am downing tea and water.

Peace, love and nummy food! J