Blackbird Cafe Review and an Isles Cinnamon Roll

Hi! As promised, here is my Blackbird Cafe review….


In a few words- NUM, CUTE, I’M IN LOVE.

Of course, I forgot to take pics (ugh) #confessionsofanewfoodblogger. So instead I will just let ya know what I ate.

I ordered the ISA’S BREAKFAST- two poached eggs on a bed of steamed organic spinach, with fruit cup for $9.

OK, I was a little hungover (oops) so thank god it also came with some UNREAL toast. Seriously, I could not get over how good the toast was. I found out it was from Patisserie 46, which is one of the best french bakeries in town. If you go there get their Almond, Chocolate Croissant – it is perfect.

Best, bread ever.


The eggs were perfectly poached and whatever they put on the spinach was terrific. My sisters got tofu scramble, which looked delish and a huevous ranchero thing- also looked great. My cousin went for the breakfast burrito. I wish I could eat that kind of stuff in the morning but I always crave something simple, it wasn’t huge like most breakfast burritos and the ingredients looked fantastic.

Overall, everything tasted very fresh and satisfying. The coffee was strong and the TOAST WAS NUTS.

I checked out their dinner menu and definitely want to go back for that soon. The decor was great and I loved the vibes, chill but stylish and overall a healthy and tasty menu.

Now for another little review… remember how I said I was a bit hung over?! Well, that’s what happens when you go out with your big sister. Oh, as do these post bar pictures…

2 a.m. pics post bar... duh.

Can't stop won't stop.

OK- stop.

Haha, we had fun…. and woke up not feeling so fun. We were pretty hungry (only thing to cure a hangover is food) and we had two hours to wait for brunch. So we made the crucial decision to walk to the one, the only, Isles Buns and Coffee. I have told you all about this place before. They are insane, the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had, ever. We had to have a brunch appetizer and we walked there so it totally balanced out, right?

Checccck it:


So after you get your Puppy Dog Tail you walk over to the self-serve tub of cream cheese icing and slather that bad boy in icing. I know, heaven. I die.

Plus, they have tons of other goodies like these…

Coffee Cake and Pecan Rolls

I have tried the pecan roll, which is totally good but since frosting is one of my favorite things in the world, I like the Puppy Dog Tails better.

All in all it was a good day of eats 🙂 Now I want a Puppy Dog Tail at 10 p.m….

What do you like better; pecan or cinnamon rolls?

What’s your go to brunch place?!


2 responses

  1. You ask tough questions! 😉 I don’t think I can choose between a pecan roll and a cinnamon roll. How about a pecan roll with frosting on top? Yeah, that sounds about right.

    The Puppy Dog Tails sound amazing. And I love the name! Favorite brunch spot? Any place that will make me a delicious egg white scramble with spinach and cheese.

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