What a Running Break can Do.

This morning I went for an eight miler. This has not happened in quite a while. After the craziness of the Chicago Marathon I had not really done any longer distances. I did nothing over six actually. I just felt too much pain in Chi-town and even after- my Achilles was not happy with me. So I did what I should- took a big ole’ break.

I don’t know what made me want to run far this morning but I just couldn’t hold back. I ran the eight in under an hour and it felt so good. No pain my friends= happy Molly. I LOVE running but not when I am in pain (shocking I know). Today’s run made me realize something; it is very important to give your body a break, a long break.

Why is Nike so sweet? Hey Nike, feel free to recruit me. I'll move to you.

I used to run every single day except Sundays. Sure, that can be considered rest but do you really think 24 hours allows your body to fully recover from six consecutive runs? Nope. Totally fine to stick to that schedule, as I will when I am training (well actually I do five days now) but every once in a while, when you are not training, when its cold out (wazzup Minnesota) or when you just don’t feel like it- give your body a break- it deserves a nice long one.

After my break I had an incredible run and felt inspired to start my Boston training in a few months… but until then I will keep my long runs around eight and no more than once a month. Running should be something I feel I “get” to do not “have” to do. Today I felt so lucky to run and also lucky to be able to give my body a break.

Trust me, the last month or so of straight yoga, and a few short runs here and there, felt damn good.

Boston, I am looking forward to you, but until then, yoga.


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