The bad things about yoga…

Last night I attended one of my favorite teacher’s C2 class at the Grand Ave. CPY. As usual, the class was juicy and delicious. I have been trying to up my running mileage (more on that later) so the class felt great on my tight quads. 🙂

Now, after class I had a run-in with one of the things I don’t like about yoga, which led me to this post idea: The bad things about yoga…

I popped out of class and headed to the showers. Let me preface this with one important fact… I got a spray tan on Saturday night (stop judging me right now). Well my friends, my tan slowly started to umm flake and run off. You see, when you practice and/or teach yoga numerous times a day, you shower a lot. This significantly decreases the length of your spray tan life. Devastating.

That actually is not me.

I was sad to see the beautiful tan and glow I had flowing down the Core Power Drain. I am now looking a bit streaky and orange in some places…. as I was in the shower I thought to myself, ”what else is bad about practicing yoga?”

I thought long and hard and…NOTHING people. I am not kidding, I can list off oodles of reasons I should stop running (I won’t) but yoga? Only if I am extremely concerned with taking minimal showers and maximizing my spray tan life, would I ever dream of saying boo about yoga.

It is an amazing practice that nourishes our minds, bodies and souls. It only makes your running better, swimming stronger, stress levels lower, anxiety down, joints juicer, metabolism faster… the list goes on. If you enjoy running slow, high anxiety and stress and other things listed above, then don’t do yoga.

So my point, yoga is an amazing thing. But, if you live for your spray tans… it may not be for you.

Peace, love, yoga and spray tans (hehe).


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