Herro Friends,

Um, it is almost Christmas and I am no where near ready. There is no snow in Minnesota and the only time I like snow here is for the three days surrounding Christmas… I have yet to get gifts for my parents (sorry guys) and I have not seen the Holidazzle (is it over?). Needless to say, I am excited but just not quite ready.

One thing I have been doing to embrace the Holiday season; eating treats… Let me show you in my WIAW #2

Today began with an unpictured PB and nanner before my run, and then a big bowl of blueberries, oatmeal, greek yogurt, coconut flower and some cereal for crunch.

It was clearly so yummy I forgot to take a picture until it was all gone…. it was good.

Oh, you were good.

Luncheroo was a panera combo: Chicken noodle cause I have not been feeling good (still), and a Harvest Apple Salad or something like that… I usually get bread but they were out of whole grain roles so I went for the apple.

Soup, salad and an apple.

A snack included  a Luna and another apple- they keep the doctor away, right?!



Dinner was a tasty concoction I can fully thank TJs for. I marinated green beans, mushrooms, onions and garlic in Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar.

Step one...

Then added Arugula, a favorite green- lots of flavor!

Herro Veggies.

Then sautéed up a TJ’s Salmon Burger- not a pretty picture but it tasted good!

Omega 3 me!

Added a little more of these:

These were all topped on the salmon and a chopped tomato; delish! I want to make this into an appetizer by throwing it on a toasted baguette or something!

I also had little whole wheat role from Great Harvest!

The star of the show was the tomato topped with balsamic, pepper and goat cheese though… seriously on bread- eat this now.

So tasty.

Lastly, this is where my treats come in…

OK- my office keeps getting goody baskets sent in and they are so GOOD! I ate a few chocolates at work and brought these home for an after dinner treat, The big cookie was a mint chocolate cookie covered in … more chocolate. INSANE.

The other treat was a salted caramel- nough said. The cookie was Harry and David and the caramel was from Sweet Revolution, these are insane and come in the cutest packaging!

Overall, nom nom nom nom… obvi, coffee, tea, and a cappucinio were consumed with lotsa water! 🙂

Another food subject: I CANNOT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER. My mom makes the best meal ever… trust me, I will post on it.

Peace, love and yummy food.


3 responses

  1. I totally agree with you about snow: I LOVE it at Christmastime, but I’m not such a huge fan afterwards. And there’s always looots of snow afterwards. 😉

    Your eats look incredibly delish–especially dinner and the tomato-goat cheese salad! I love those mini goat cheese medallions. They’re a perfect serving in an easily transportable package, so I like to pack them in my lunch. And salmon burgers are my go-to quick meal. Yum!


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