Georgetown Cupcakes

Hey Party People!

Some of you may know… I checked something off my bucket list last week! I tried Georgetown Cupcakes! Now, if you are a sweet freak-aholic like me, you understand these are the best of the best. I love trying different cupcakes and love trying the TOP runners. I am lucky my boyfriend lives in L.A. so I have had the privilege of trying quite a few of the best such as, Sprinkles and Yummy. On a trip to New York City I sunk my teeth into a massive Crumb cupcake and where it all began… in London at the lovely Humming Bird cafe. I am also happy to report that Minneapolis does a pretty darn good job too- between Cocoa and Fig, Cupcake and Wuollets… a girl can satisfy her sweet tooth any day!

I have been a lucky girl to travel far and eat cupcakes, but one that has been out of reach (and raved about by many) is Georgetown and my office party made dreams come true.

DUDE- this is real life. Was I in D.C.? Nope. I DIE I DIE!!!

This is the box they came in. OMG.

Here is a short review:

First of all, if you get to D.C. go here and eat one or three cupcakes (or more, I wouldn’t judge you). I know the line is super long- it’s worth it.

OR order them. It was a little spendy but seriously not as bad as I expected. Plus, Kim  Kardashian had these at her wedding and she probably will at her next five weddings… obviously that makes them cool. I bet Kris Humphries is the only person on the planet who is not a fan.

We ordered three Holiday Packages.


Check out this cupcake porn…

Soo delish.


Gingerbread Cupcake

I went for the Gingerbread Cupcake and half a Red Velvet. The Red Velvet was great but not the best I’ve ever had (tough category cause all red velvet is good) but you guys, the Gingerbread was insane!!! See that little gingerbread man on top? He was like a chocolate/ ginger melty treat. The cake was gingerbread cake- unreal and the frosting was legit out of control. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Frosting. I cannot even talk or think about this frosting without coming to tears about how ungodly good it was and how everyone I know needs to try it, now. I DIE I DIE.

I saved and froze an eggnog one for the boyfriend when he comes home to try it- I have gotten him into sweets too! 🙂

The verdict: these cupcakes are worth the wait, weather you wait in line there or get them sent to you and wait days… they are worth it. You might be thinking to yourself, “Molly just likes cupcakes…” this is true BUT I know a good one. This is in my top three cupcakes I have ever had. Sprinkles Red Velvet and Yummy’s Half and Half Red Velvet (red velvet with half cream cheese frosting and half cocoa cream cheese) are up there too.

So yes, I love cupcakes so much and these are lovely. The next time I am in D.C. I will be waiting in a three block line to try another flavor… or one of my friends could get married and order these for their shower. Hint, hint Amanda and Leah 😉 kidding, kind of.

Peace, love and out of control cupcakes. xoxo

My first Sprinkles experience... so happy.


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  1. Those are so cute!! I’m not even a big cake person, but I’d love to try one of those! Isn’t that the place that has a show on TLC maybe? I’ve seen it a couple times if it is, and that’s really cool you got to try them! : )

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