Trip to L.A. eats :D

Hi hi hi- I have missed you… I have been busy with the new job, teaching lots of yoga and training for Boston!!! 🙂 I am so excited!

Training update: I have hit 16 miles with 18 on the agenda for this Sunday- today was 8 hilly miles @ about a 7:50 pace.Most importantly- it felt great. I have been upping my carbo intake and it makes such a difference. Also, taking Sam’s juicy C2 at CorePower in Uptown last night made my legs feel great!

Onwards- I am heading to L.A. to visit a certain boy next weekend and I am getting so excited for all the good food and CUPCAKES I will have while there! 🙂 (obviously to see him too)!

This reminded me I never did a post on my last visit, which was over New Years… well, here we go and better late than never.

Let’s begin with our first breakfast at the delicious and popular 3 Squares. It is on Abbot Kinney in Venice, which is one of my favorite areas! We just walked around for a while and stumbled upon this busy spot- good find!

“3 Square Café + Bakery, located at 1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in artsy Venice, California, is a casual, contemporary neighborhood eatery serving “3 square” meals. Breakfast features a number of fresh-baked breads and sweets as well as pancakes and organic egg dishes.” Source

Check out our yummy meals!


I ordered the egg skillet, which was peas, mushrooms and leaks with two cracked eggs. Baked to perfection with a whole wheat/ rye toast. This was ridiculous and I need to recreate it at home. Zander ordered a breakfast sandwich, which had goat cheese, some other cheese, egg, sausage and truffle oil on a pretzel role- seriously good! We also had coffee and mimosas and shared some delicious fruit- what a way to start my vaca!

My handsome dinning buddy

Next we kicked it down the street to something I had heard alll about- and the huge line down the street gave it away. Intelligentsia Coffee is an amazing coffee bar in Venice. The vibe was super artsy/ hipster. People waited in a 30 person line to get their special made drinks brewed by the”scientists” that work behind the bar there- the pastries are also raved about but we were too full from breakfast (more like him, I always have room for dessert).

I ordered a soy cappuccino.


This was pretty darn good- but not worth $7 for a small- “welcome to L.A.” I guess…

We went to dinner at Hillstone where I had an amazing Asian, steak salad and sushi and he had the BEST french dip in the world. I didn’t take pics cause it was too shwanky… they even asked Zander to take off his hat hahahaha. We also enjoyed some amazing Spanish wine! Yumm! Great night 🙂

So New Years day, we had the best lunch (and most expensive) of our whole lives! I only snapped a pic if the calamari…


It was some of the best I had- for lunch I ordered a salad with goat cheese toast- yes, they served toast with melted gooey goat cheese and a fig butter. It was insane and I ate it so fast I forgot to take a pic.

Dessert was just down the street…

Cookie Dough Cupcake from Yummy!

Seriously, insane. Yummy has the best cupcakes ever and so so so so many flavors. This was not my favorite one I have had there (red velvet with cocoa cream cheese frosting wins) but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t unreal.

We explored a lot that day and enjoyed a night in!

The next morning… the bf made breakfast!!! I’m so lucky:) On the menu: Waffles and eggs with fruit!

So yummy

It was perfect.

I don’t even remember what we did the rest of this day so…. on to breakfast the next day (I am bad at taking pics at dinner I guess).

We went to TOAST! This was my last day in town so we crammed in a few things I really wanted to do before I left. We took a CPY class together and headed to Toast (a favorite of Rachel Zoe) naturally, I had to check it out.

I ordered “The Favorite”! Yum!! It was basil, tomatoes, avocado and goat cheese. Toast and fruit on the side.

Then we obviously had to have some breakfast dessert, so we walked down the street to “Fo nut”…


So Fo Nuts uses steaming, baking and high heat to make their donuts. They use to- notch ingredients to make a healthier version of the classic morning  treat. They had so many flavors we had a tough time choosing but we went for the strawberries and cream.


We both nearly fainted. It was perfect, cakey, moist and melted in your mouth. Not to mention it was still warm. It was an adorable little shop and I need to go again to try another flavor.

Lastly, we headed to the Malibu Vineyards- I cannot find the website to link to where we went but it was SO cute..

You can go up in the mountains of Malibu and get wine and bring a picnic and sit under a lit-up, outdoor venue and drink to your heart’s desire. There were tons of couples and groups of friends (lots of first dates, haha so fun to watch). We loved it and wanted to stay but I had a plane to catch :(… next time. I will definitely be back- the wine was great.

I love my time in L.A. and cannot wait to be back in a few short days!!! (Friday)!