Boston, Boston…

So Boston is quickly approaching… want an update?

So I have been injured (uuuuuugh) but I got in two 20+ runs and have been taking it easy on the running end since then… I have been getting cardio in via spin, eliptical, yoga and sculpt. (ew eliptical).

Regardless, I am super excited and ready. I know my body can handle it. I have done it before and I will do it again. Only bummer, my training was going SO well and if all went well, would have been on my way to a PR. But I always remind myself that I am 23… there is plenty more time to PR. I am looking forward to a weekend of fun, running, eating good food and spending time with my fellow running sister.


This  is me post 20 miler hehe..It is so unfair how good looking I can be.


Also, I PR’d at my half in Naples… I will post a WAY overdue post on that soon.

Until then, bye bye.


2 responses

  1. WOW! I am inspired by your blog. You look awesome after your 20 miler! Looks like you just stepped out of the house. I will definitely be adding you to my Google Reader & seeing how Boston went. Congratulations & good luck!

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