The Butcher & The Boar Review

Last night my sister and I checked out one of the newest restaurants in Minneapolis, The Butcher & The Boar. It was so delicious!

I did not snap pics of everything we ate but I will tell you the goods:

We both started out with salads, Megan got the Beet Salad and I got the Gem Leaf. Both were delicious but next time I would go with the beets. I am a beet lover and it was seriously perfect, it was laced with creamy goat cheese, walnuts and a light dressing.

Next we got some apps: The Tequila Salmon and the Lobster Grilled Cheese- yes I am serious.

Sorry for the bad phone pic… that is the salmon dish- I would order this in a heart beat! It was a raw salmon/Β Ceviche type dish with fresh tomatoes, cilantro and avocado- I was in heaven.

Then was the Lobster Grilled Cheese…I mean…. look at it.

We cut it up and both took our first bite- wowza, so rich. I honestly enjoyed it but I wish there would have been more lobster. It really just tasted like a good grilled cheese. It was super buttery and cheesy, which I can only handle a little bit of. If you are a grilled cheese fan, you’ll love it but I probably would not need to order it again. Too rich for me, which I do not say often. We both used our forks to dig in and get all the lobster:

Loooooobster and cheeeeese.

Next we ordered the bean Chorizo Sausage and Smothered Greens. I did not snap pics of these but they were both dynamite! The sausage came out looking like scallops. This dish was actually meat free- it was topped with a delish avocado salsa and this chipotle mayo sauce around it. SO GOOD! I would order this again. The greens were collard greens, cabbage and some other veggies topped with a little cream, lemon, bacon and some other flavors, these were perfect as well.

Yes, there were only two of us and we ordered all of that. We like to go big or go home.

The atmosphere was terrific, it is unlike any other spot downtown. I love dark yet cozy restaurants, which The Butcher & The Boar perfected. The staff was great too, not over bearing but very attentive. Our waitress knew everything about the menu and talked us through it as well as answered any questions we had with knowledge and confidence. We did not try dessert but the menu looked good. I will definitely save room next time and get the smores dessert!

I will be back! I recommend it to anyone in or visiting MPLS… and even vegetarians! If you didn’t notice, our meal was totally vegetarian (besides the bacon in the smothered greens). My sister eats meat on occasion and she was not opposed last night but our taste buds led us elsewhere. I will be taking my boyfriend or Dad back and have to try some of the meat dishes.

Check it out for your next night out- you will not be let down!

Now that I just wrote all that my sandwich for lunch is looking a little laaaaaaaame.


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