Wow- I’m on Carrots N’ Cake!

I just saw that Tina, of Carrots N Cake put my little post up about me running Boston! I am so honored!!! I was headed over to her site to read it (like I do daily) and there I was!!

Thank you so much Tina! I cannot even explain how cool it was to see my running story up there! 🙂

I am actually about to get packing for Boston right now! My leg has been feeling quite a bit better but still some pain. I got all three long runs in and have not been running much since then. I am confident in the mind and the body that I can do this and I really truly am going to give it my all!

I am so blessed to be running this race and running at all. Thank the lord for moving legs and bodies.

I am off to eat more Easter Caaaaandy….. good night! Also, coming tomorrow a race recap and a yummy soup recipe!




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  1. I clicked your link from CNC and wanted to wish you a wonderful time in Boston for the marathon. You long-distance runners inspire me! I think the most I’ve ever run is 8 miles. I have a deep respect for runners and will be cheering you on Monday from Oklahoma!

  2. Good luck in Boston! I just found your blog (via CnC) and it’s great! I’m running my first half marathon in just under a month, and I’ve been dealing with hip pain the last couple of weeks. Just when I was feeling kind of dejected and nervous, I found the blog, and your positive attitude and enthusiasm are just the boost I needed. You’re going to be awesome!

    • Hey Esther- so glad my words may help! Seriously- the body is much stronger than the mind! I am big on listening to your body but from experience- I know you can do it! Just take it at a steady pace and do not push it too hard in training. Keep me posted on your race!!

  3. I was surprised to see someone on C&C that I strangely recognized from a bunch of friends-of-friends (Rachael N) FB photos! I’m also from MN but I now live in Boston, right in Kenmore Square at about mile 25. I hope you do well! Marathoning is really impressive. Boston has been having great weather, so you should be able to have a good time.

  4. Can’t wait to hear your recap! I love Boston! It is my favorite marathon, an I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to run twice. I’m not running it this year, but planning on 2013!

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