Boston Recap (super late)

Oh hello,

Why yes, BOSTON was about a month ago, I apologize to those of you who actually read this blog (and wanted to know how I did)… I have been in some major transitions and teaching Sculpt/ Real Ryder/ Yoga classes up the waaazzzoo).

Want to know one update?! I have been promoted at CorePower Yoga to the Head Manager of the Stadium Village location! I am beyond thrilled about this opportunity and all of the new adventures and challenges to come my way. I absolutely love working for this company and cannot wait to begin my new role.

More on that later- now let me tell you about this little thing called the Boston Marathon.

I had the time of my life spending a long weekend with my older sister, we have never gone on a trip with just the two of us so this was a treat.

We made it to Bean-town safe and sound and began the trip with… food and wine. I used to be super serious about not drinking and having a “perfect runners diet” the week of the marathon and most of my training but I have let that go. I am more into enjoying a glass of wine 🙂

Saturday we headed to the Expo and took a bunch of great pics, and then my camera got stolen so the rest are iPhone pics.

Megan and I went out to a delicious seafood dinner that night where I had more wine, crab cakes, truffled potatoes and peppermint ice cream cake for dessert, man I wish I had pics.


Megan ran the 5K!

Go girl- she killed it! I think it was like 23 minutes? Right Meg? Something SUB eights, which is insane!!!! This is the girl who used to think I was crazy for enjoying running). 😉

We toured Harvard and got cupcakes at Sweet right near the campus. These were out of this world.


We got sandwiches at an insane little cafe: Get this- toasted bread, hummus, sweet potato, apples veggies and avocado. It was out of this world (pics were on my stolen camera).

That night it was CARBO load feasting time. We went to this lovely little restaurant, Teatro and omg the food was soooo good. Megan and I shared a salad and shrimp bruschetta.


Yum. The bruschetta was amazing. It was basically buttered bread that was grilled and soaked in some kind of garlicky sauce with shrimp on top- so delic.

Next, I ordered TWO pasta dishes (why not).Image

Truffled Risotto, and a pork shoulder tortellini. I mean seriously, both were insane. I also ate a piece of my sisters mushroom truffle flat bread. All were insane and yes,I had room for dessert.

We walked on over to Max Brenner, which I have read about on other great blogs. Woowza. I am glad there are none of these in Minneapolis because I would be in a sugar comma every night of my life…


I got the chocolate cake (I had her sub PB ice cream for the vanilla, highly recommend). Megan got the dark chocolate cookie. They were out of control: check it.


Yes, that is extra chocolate sauce to drizzle over the cake that is oozing with chocolate sauce.

Then we went home and it was bed time… BOSTON MARATHON tomorrow. (next post)… 🙂


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