Boston Marathon: THE RACE!

OK, finally here it is!

I ran, I saw I conquered… two years ago I ran the marathon at 3:25. I also had great training with no injuries and perfect weather. This year I finished… in 3:47. I’ll take it for having not run for a month due to a hip injury and it being 92 degrees!

Yes I am serious it was 92 freaking degrees. The hottest marathon in like 60 years with no shade on the course. I got so sun burnt! I wrote my name down my arm in permanent marker and hey FYI I guess it has SPF in it… I ended up with a huge “MOLLY” tan line.

So here I am at the start line already sweating.


This is ONE of the bathroom lines… there were like 20 more. RUNNERS GOTTA PEE.

Those starting behind me…It went way up and over the hill. So many runners!

The Governor was begging runners not to run due to heat- the Marathon offered runners deferment, which meant they could run it next year if they did not start; about 4,000 took the deferment. I did not even think about it since I had made the trip and was with my sister. I knew no matter how hard it was I could do it… and I sure did but I think it was the least enjoyable marathon I have ever run. Even worse than Chicago where I had super bad tendentious in my Achilles.

The first ten really started bugging my hips due to the downhills and ten through 17 were just getting hot. After heartbreak hill things went downhill (haha). It honestly seemed easier this year up until after the big hill. It was weird because heartbreak did not feel that bad but all of the little hills after it seemed WAY harder. It just kept getting hotter and hotter. The water stops were all hot water, my legs were on FIRE.

I don’t remember smiling this is right after heartbreak!


I saw my sister at mile 23 and was so happy to see here. I REALLY needed her at that point- my legs were KILLING me and I felt like I was going to puke from the heat. My sister was so cute and jumping up and down and screaming my name. I started crying and then used my fingers to form a gun to my head hahaha, I don’t even remember that. Thank you, Megan for being an amazing cheerleader and sister. LOVE YOU!

The last three miles were so hard, the crowds were amazing the entire race but I could not get that excited, I honestly just wanted to be done and be with my sister. My stomach was killing me and I was hot as hell.

I was so thankful for a a nice guy who came up to me the last mile and said “lets do this”. We ran the rest together and I don’t think I could have made it without him- thanks random dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

Check my splits:

5k 22:56

10k 47:12

15k 1.11

Half: 1:43

30 k: 2:33


40k: 3:33

Finnish: 3:47 (See I was cruising at a normal pace about the first half, then the heat set in).

Well, I finished and had to walk around for three miles barefoot to get back to my hotel. Let me show you my foot (warning, it is so nasty).

Yep, that bad boy fell off already.


haha, I think I sent this to a select few.

All I wanted to do after the race was celebrate, drink eat and party but I could not do any of the above. I was SO dead. I felt like I had the flu (I had heat stroke). My eyes were totally blood shot and my stomach felt like there was a knife in it, I have never been like this after a marathon. The heat really did me in.

Even crossing the finnish line, there were wheel chairs everywhere and everyone was puking- haha, it was pretty intense. No one was like happy and cheering for finishing like usual, we were all in like lala land.

Anyways my sister and I eventually mad it out to dinner. I really had no appetite cause my stomach still killed. I had forced down a few slices ofย  flatbread from the hotel but seriously did not want anything! I was not pleased, as the after marathon meal is like the BEST meal ever (usually).

I had a craving for guac though so we found a near by restaurant (of course I cannot think of the name now).

We ordered a huge guac right away and I ate it! I ordered the fish tacos, where were SO AWESOME.YES. After the meal they served us candy corn, which we both don’t like.

We walked around a bit, which felt good on my legs and then headed to Ben & Jerrys. I got a cone with PB Chocolate something and a Dark Chocolate delightful flavor. OMG, yum.

Then we were both pooped and went back to the hotel… I went to sleep still felling like crap/ like I had the flu and woke up with a terrible stomach and headache all night… so, if you think us marathoners are crazy- you’re right. Even though it was super tough and hard it once again taught me I can and will get myself through any tough battle. Trust me, you can do it too!


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