WIAW # ?

Hi guuuys,

So I did this a while ago but have not kept up on it very well…. here we go- I will do a boring one and follow it up tomorrow with at “WIAILA” What I ate in L.A. πŸ™‚

Here is WIAW – thanks for hosting Jen!

So here is for the norm/ boring stuff (but tasty)

For breakfast, I have been reeeeally into toasted waffles with fruit, peanut butter, and protein powder frosting!

So good check it:


Try it- I change up the fruit from strawberries to blue berries, bananas, blackberries ext. I also change up the nut butter, Sunbutter is super yummy on it!

hmm lets see, lunch has been varying from sandwiches to salads. This new salad I made up on a whim is soooo good. I had like no protein in my fridge so I through this together to bring to work in a hurry and now I am obsessed. Now, it doesn’t look like some crazy yummy thing but it is sooo good.


OK give it a chance, it is a ton of garbanzo beans, 2% cottage cheese, avocado, and hazelnuts! Super random, I know, but sometimes when you throw something together it ends up being really great! I topped it with a little truffle salt (omgomgomgomg) and some poppy seed dressing. A big role from great harvest was on the side πŸ™‚

Snacks have been anything between the usual protein bars, protein shakes, nuts yogurt, apples and I have been into a pricey new snack- sliced mango. Duuuuude, I cannot stop buying it.


These are very good when you are in a bind!

Dinner has also been random, lots of big salads with protein and fats (nuts or avocado, goat cheese feta ext.) lots of hummus per usual.

This one I had at my parents house was particularly greeeeat. Ribs and chicken from the grill:


Yea, unreal. My parents seriously rock on the grill- I wish I was good at this/ had a grill.

I don’t know why but I have no pics of dessert lately, I have been trying to eat some protein before bed like protein powder mixed in yogurt with chocolate chips mixed in or PB with chocolate and some kind of carb- considering I have not had time to bake some cookies or something as of late…. that needs to change.

So that is sort of things I have been consuming in large amounts lately- I hope you found that as thrilling as I have… hehe. Thanks, Jen!