Thankful for…


Happy Monday- I turned 24 this weekend… weird. This is the first age I feel like “woah” I am old. I know that makes some people laugh but when I was a kid I thought I would be married with children at this age (omg, no). It is funny to see how life changes.

This weekend made me realize all of the people I am thankful for in my life. From my work friends to my family and boyfriend, I am so fortunate to have some unbelievable people in my life. I feel like it is so easy to feel bad for ourselves and think about all the thing in life that are not perfect. Example; my boyfriend lives in L.A., I can’t afford to buy that seriously amazing handbag for myself, I have to go to work today… I am going to start a new Monday tradition and list a few things I am thankful for every Monday, considering the “problems” listed about are pretty lame.

So, I will begin today! I am so fortunate that I can honestly say; I am passionately in love with my job. Everyday I get to bring yoga to people I make their day, take them from a bad mood to a good mood and whip them into shape ;). I fully believe in the product I sell and the small things I do at work everyday go into the much bigger picture that makes people happy.


Next- my faammmily. Cheesey? Yes, I know but for real. Mine is the shiz and I don’t know how I got so fortunate to have the best Mom, Dad and sisters in the whole wide world. They are the

Lastly, peanut butter. Yes I am serious. I figure the last two are pretty big things in life and not everyone is so lucky to love both their jobs and family but we can all pick a food we love right? I think it is important to remember the tiny things in life that make us smile everyday. Peanut butter sure makes me smile everyday, especially Earth Balance Crunchy Peanut and Coconutbutter Spread. For real. Go buy it.

Oh- one last thing birthday desserts.

OMG- went to The Nova, in Hudson with my girlfriends from Hudson this weekend and finished up our meal on a VERY sweet note. It was one of those deserts where you make noises that may be inappropriate to be making at a restaurant with every bite.

Think of a few things you are thankful for today. I will brighten your day. 🙂