CrossFit today!

OK another CrossFit post!

I woke up bright and early 5:15 to have a quick snack beofre CrossFit. I usually eat a banana and scoop of PB with some coffee and water before I head. I usualy wake up needing something to eat.

Then I head to CrossFit. This morning we warmed up with a 400m row, which is soooo much harder for me than running. Everytime the warm up is with runnning I am usually the first one done but with rowing today, I was last. No big deal- no ego in CrossFit, remember?

Then we practiced deadlift cleans. I sucked. I am so awkward at lifing, as it is something I have never really done. I have a really hard time getting the movments down because I try to do it so gracefully, haha the coaches laugh at me sometimes (in a friendly way). The other day we were doing squats with a bar bell and it has to rest on your shoulders and I asked “Um, is it supposed to hurt my shoulders?” they laughed and told me I will toughen up. (I hope). Regarless of my awkwardness, I had a blast today.

The WOD. was suprisingly difficult for me. They told me I would be doing a ten minute workout. I thought “EASY!”. I need to learn that anytime a WOD sounds easy- it’s not, at all. It was AMAP (as many as possible) rounds in ten minutes of seven burppes and seven med ball cleans squats (I don’t think that is the right name, haha).

I was reeeeeally feeling it after about three rounds… I ended with ten rounds, which they said was really good. Burpees are so hard no matter what. OMGOMGOMG.

I was done in ten minutes and my heart was PUMPING and I was super sweaty. Awesome.

I headed home and enjoyed some breakfast with protein anf fats – Fage 2%, strawberries, puffed rice cereal, protein powder and strawberris in a JAR. Yum.


I was serioulsy starving marvin 2.5 hours later. CrossFit in the morning makes me SO hungry. Anyone else?!


2 responses

  1. Nice work, girl! Yes, CrossFit gives me a big appetite – love that you are refueling with protein. It also wears me out! Lately I fall asleep so fast and seem to need more sleep than usual after upping my weekly CrossFit workouts.

    Keep it up – rowing will get easier and so will those burpees!

  2. Thanks girl!!! I am such a beginner still but I am loving it. Lots of protein and I totally agree- MORE sleep is needed. I have only taken class in the morning so far and literally am hungry every two hours. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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