The best lunch

Hi again,

Want to know what the best lunch that will keep you full and is oh so tasty is? Let me tell you because I made it up today. Sadly, may camera broke so I will do a post on how to assemble and pics later…

OK- start with a big bowl and a mix of lettuces- mine was romaine, baby kale and arugula.

Next, top it with a half an avocado; cubbed.



Next- I added egg salad. I made this with two hard boiled eggs, mixed with a squeeze of mustard, a spoonful of 2% Fage and a spoonful of this delicious caramelized onion bruschetta I found at Lunds in the cheese area. GOOD. Then pour that over the top.

OK ready? Add some chopped almonds.

Last- saute up a sweet potato chunks. I microwaved mine for minute then cut it into cubes and threw it in a stove top pan. I added a little balsamic, olive oil, Rosemary, garlic and sea salt. Threw that on top and BOTTABOOM. Heaven and health in a bowl.

It was actually really pretty and I really wanted to put pics up but my camera has a mind of its own… so next time I make it aka tomorrow. It kept me full for a long time! It didn’t even need dressing because it was so flavorful.

Do it- k, bye. Happy Friday.

P.S. CrossFit was sweet today and I can actually walk like a normal person. SCORE.


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