CrossFit at Home

Yesterday morning I reeeally wanted to CrossFit, but I am still in beginners and they don’t offer that on Monday mornings so I ventured out on my own…. and kicked my own butt.


I didn’t dp burpees… until next time you SOB’s.

I had run ten miles the day before (furthest I have run since the marathon) I don’t really know why but I just kept going. It was nice.

I thought I would wake up pretty sore in my Achilles but felt great. So, I made up a CrossFit inspired workout. I didn’t feel like going for a straight up run, as I did a lot of that the day before. I decided to venture out for a four miller BUT after every mile I did the following:

25 Air Squats

25 Pushups

25 Full Sit ups.

It was awesome. I felt really good while doing it, my miles all came in around 7:30 or under, which felt great! My push ups are what give me the most trouble. I can air squat all day and sit up but damn, push ups with chest all the way down (oofta) they are no joke. I did it outside around the lake so by the time I was done I had dirt all over me, which was sweet.

Weird thing about this workout was that later in the day I felt really sore. Like my legs and arms actually felt swollen and SUPER tight. I am sure I didn’t stretch enough but it was just odd. Does this happen to anyone else?

Any who… I am loving CrossFit and it is my last week of beginner classes. Today I tried my hand at my first set of “dips” I used the black band and um, they were super hard.

I love doing CrossFit at the Box for the obvious reasons of atmosphere, coaches and the “team” feeling but it is also fun to see how it is affecting my daily workouts. When I have been out on runs, I approach a hill and tell myself “Pretend you are in CrossFit and your coach is yelling at you to get up the hill”- naturally, this makes me move faster! 🙂

Another thing I am loving about CorssFit? It has truly made me appreciate and force myself to rest and relax. When you go to a workout where you give a maximum ammount of effort and feel more sore than you have in ages, you know your body deserves that down time… I had such a relaxing weekend spent with family and friends. Friday night we went out on the boat with family and enjoyed wine, good food and lots of laughs.


Work hard, play hard. Words to live by.


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