WIAW Summer Staples


Lets get right into it huh? Thanks to peasandcrayons.com for hosting WIAW and this month she is focusing on summer staples ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I have been chowing on lately to fuel me through my workouts and life…

Breakfasts in the summer (well I guess always) have been including plain 2% Fage with some Maple syrup to sweeten or other sweetener. BERRIES, some nuts, rice cereal and or oats and nut butter on top… I have also been messing around with adding in Whey protein powder. I really notice this helping on days I do a CrossFit workout. I think the workouts are such a shock to my body and the extra protein helps me full for more than 2 hours.


If I am lucky, they go in an almost empty nut butter jar. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Lunch summer staples include saaaalads and wraps! I love COLD anything all summer. Considering I still keep up my heated yoga practice, I need cold lunches! I don’t think I have had soup in months. Today it is this ridic salad.

I have been using these bad boys to top salads with egg salad like it’s my job.


I have gone through a bag in like 4 days…

Today I mixed up two hard boiled eggs with chopped cilantro, lime juice, sea salt and cumin. Oh, and a little plain yogurt, mustard and hummus to make it “egg sald-ish). So good. Topped it with half an avocado, some roasted corn and garbanzos. Salsa too, duh.


Doesn’t that look good?! I was proud…

Tonight’s dinner was actually prepped last night. It is somewhat of a summer staple but I would say it is more of a winter thing- I made it becauseย I teach Sculpt at 7PM at the studio so I never make it home till 9PM. By that time I am starvin marvin, gonna eat my arm off or the entire jar of PB in the fridge… so it is usually in my best interest to have dinner prepped. Last night I roasted some foooods up! I just got this nifty “Misto” basically, you put your own olive oil in it and spray your food with it! It’s awesome and mine happens to have olive oil my parents brought all the way back from Italy. OK, you get it.


I also added rosmary, sea salt and garlic mix with balsmic over all of it- I chopped up a sweet potato, califlour, brussel sprouts and onions and threw them in to roast at 425 for about 20 minutes.


Oh, for the potatos I also topped them with a little of God’s gift to my life…Image

Seriously- it’s cray.


Veeeeeeeggggggiiieeesss, if I must, I hear you do good things for the bod.

Last I soaked some chicken in chicken broth, rosemary, salt and balsamic and baked it up until it was moist and perfect (sorry for using the word moist, I know).

I didn’t take a pic of the chicken because I was over it at that point, I will take one tonight when this is all plated up and pretty.

The thing about roasting is it makes a meal soooo delightful but I never have the patience. I usually get home at night (lots of times after a workout) and I am either 1. too lazy to cook or 2. GIMME FOOD NOW mode. I love taking them time to roast things up the night before and have them waiting for me after I get home. I actually like roasted veggies cold, is that weird? Plus, flavors sink into leftovers better! They are also great reheated in the oven for 10 minutes or on top of a salad. Options are endless (obviously, they aren’t endless- I woudn’t add mine to cereal the next day. But hey, to each their own…).

Lastly, I have been taking bites of this lovely beast from a lovely best friend and fellow CPY instructor. Image

Awww, Rach made me this HUGE red velvet cupcake for my birthday! It is so freaking delicious I can’t even handle it. I gave some to my parents and have done damage on the rest. Another note… ALL of my friends gave me some kind of treat for my bday- I should have taken pictures it was ridiculous. I have been in treat heaven ever since.


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  1. Molly, first of all, I love seeing all of the delicious things that you make! I am a little envious on the creativity. Secondly, where did you find the roasted garlic onion bruschetta spread? Lasty, you mentioned truffle salt once, where did you get that too?

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