Today began like any good day does, with a little CrossFit!

I pulled into the parking lot at 5:55 a.m. and thought to myself, “I hope today involves NO running and NO rowing”. Haha, it seems as though the CrossFit Gods always know what you are thinking… warm up was an 800m run, which for me, should not be a big deal but some days iduuuuooonntttwaaannna. But I did it and it felt good and I ran fast.

Then, whadayaknow- the workout included rowing. We worked on snatching form before the WOD.

WOD: 200m row, 10 squat cleans ? Is that what they are called? We held a bar bell at our shoulders and squatted all the way down then thrusted it overhead maybe a squat clean? OMG- I am so embarrassing to the CrossFit world, someday I will know… then 10 KNEE TO ELBOWS!! HOLY COW POOO. These are hard/ they blow/ I love them (love hate, you get it).

Basically, you hang form a pull up bar and lift your knees to touch your elbows, (you’re probably thinking, um obviously, Molly). Sounds fun right? Try it, it’s not.

If you are interested: check this girl doing them;

Shi*s Cray!

She makes it looks waaay too easy. Imagine me doing this but looking way worse and grunting the entire time.

They are so freaking hard/ insane. Like I love them and then HATE them at the same time.

I have now decided that I WILL dominate the knee to elbows and pull ups sometime soon… until next time you SOBs.

I wish I had some delicious food to share with you today, but I do not so instead I will show you a funny picture of food:hehe. Dog or bread? You decide.

Also, something I wish I were the inventor of (or eater, either or).


Source. I mean seriously, if I was a man I would propose to Jessica. OK- that was weird. I am done.

P.s. I will graduate beginners at CrossFit tomorrow morning! WHoop!


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