Toes to Bar… or not yet.

WOOOOOFTA. I had my first day without the beginners… it was tough.

We started with back presses and I maxed out at 63. I tried adding another 5 and there was no way it was going up.

The WOD consisted of some pretty crazy shiz:

5 rounds for time:

15 Box Jumps

15 Toe to Bars (Note: F THESE).

15 Hand Release push ups.

OK, this was harder than beginners (no, really Molly?) The TTBs were KILLER. I actually LOVED the box jumps, they are super hard but if you get into a rhythm they are kind of fun. I was scared I was going to eat it but I got em’ all done. I even used the prescribed box the whole time.

I did all the pushups from my toes too, the TTB were another story.

I probably got ten total actually to the bar. Then I had to do knee to elbows or just some crazy flicking and grunting action. Seriously, I never want to know what I looked like today I am sure it was scary. I had to stop during TTB a few times and regroup. At one point I thought to myself “Maybe I can run out and no one will notice” unfortunately, lots of the men were done and cheering me on… they would have figured it out. There was another point where I contemplated crying, I’m not kidding. I didn’t I mean come on, your first real class and you cry? Oh, and you are the “yoga” girl… I would never live that down. Instead, I just dropped the F bomb a few times. It helped.

Once I was done, I was pumped about it but I cannot wait until I can actually do TTB. I was the second to last one done and it was actually sweet. Everyone cheered for me and pushed me to finnish. In beginners I was usually the first one done so it was a good and humbling experience for me to… suck. I am serious.

Well next time TTB… I don’t know.

I felt totally rocked and my beginners coach walked over and said “What’d ya think”? My response (while huffing and puffing), “That was F’n hard”. I was sweaty and awesome. Oh, and I finished in 18:54. I am just glad I finished without tears.

Afterwards I showered up and had some breakfast:

Nothing too exciting, Fage 2%, Nuts, PB, blueberries, strawberries, Pufifns and Egg White Protein Powder. It was good.

Want to know something else awesome? I got a lovely coffee bean ice tray from a gf for my bday- check out how cute these come out!

I know! You just pour coffee in and they mold to bean ice cubes- so cute and they make iced coffee SO much better! Thanks, Jen!

Last I made some GF, Vegan and (bad sugar) free cookies to bring to my teacher party at the studio… everyone loved them and wanted te recipe, which I made up and will post soon. I usually suck at making up recipes but this turned out! Yay. I will post it tomorrow!

I know, yum.

That’s all for now. I am going to drink more water and stretch my legs. They hurt already.


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