I Ran…

So, I have not been talking about my training on the blog lately… because I have not been training. Now, don’t get all worked up- I have not been able to. My right Achilles Tendon is extremely cranky, which has resulted in two weeks without running. Not Cool.

Kid, I feel ya.

Now, I could either get super upset about this and stomp my feet and cry (OK, maybe I cried a tiny bit) or… deal with it. I am very familiar with dealing with injures. I have had about every runner’s injury that exists and I have learned from experince not to push it.

Basically, I am taking it super slow and trying to nurse my bratty little tendon back to health. I took about two straight weeks off of running and the elliptical. It really sucks but it’s life. I had two good 20 millers and well… I am hoping for the best.

I ran yesterday to see if it was better. Energy wise, I thought I could have run forever. My legs felt fantastic, my breathing was right on and my energy was through the roof. My tendon started to act up around mile five so I called it quits around six and hit the elliptical to get a few more miles in. I was happy to run but bummed, I wanted to do a solid 10-15 before Chicago but I just couldn’t push it. Life goes on.

I am no longer shooting for my personal best at Chicago and also realize finishing might be out of the question. This totally bums me out but I know it is more important to be able to run for many years to come rather than busting my tendon, which I have done before. I guess it is good to recognize I can realize when to back off but it’s still tough. I get so excited for marathons, the finishing feeling is unlike any other. It is complete and utter bliss and astonishment in yourself… every time I finish, I cry.

Post Boston BLISS

On a lighter note- This whole not running thing has introduced me to some new, fun workouts. I have finally learned to ENJOY SPINNING. I used to hate spin with a flipping passion. I wanted to get off my bike and throw the damn thing at every teacher I had.

“STOP YELLING AT ME TO CLIMB THAT STUPID FAKE HILL”, was one of the usual thoughts running through my head. But, since my running has been nonexistent and I am still planning on marathoning, I knew I had to keep my cardio up and spinning was the only option. Well, now I like it. If you are ever pissed off about something let me tell you peddling your little feet so hard and fast reeeeeeally helps.

This is so true... mostly, the part about the hair on my legs.

I also began taking Hot Yoga at Core Power, which was the only class I never attended there before. I would not claim to love it yet but I am appreciating certain aspects and the way it challenges my mind and body.

So, my little lesson from this running mis-hap would be to never stop trying new things and remember that those little, unplanned events or things that seem to “wreck your life” well, they probably won’t. You may open doors to newย  experiences and lets face it, us humans areย  boring creatures of habit. A little change is good every once in a while plus, it makes you appreciate the things you took for granted. I must tell you, those six miles I ran the other day were some of the best six I have ever run. Just remember – Life goes on.

Tis' true.


Wonderful Links, Friday

Hi and happy Friday!!

Iย  found a few great links throughout the week and I think they will be helpful to my millions of readers ๐Ÿ™‚

I will probably have more than two... Sour

1. OK, it is finally fall and that means cooler weather, boots, scarves, and warm meals! I came across this lovely website/ blog this morning and think everyone and their mother needs to explore it! There are some fabulous Crock Pot recipes on here, from healthy, to dessert, breakfast to comfort foods. Check out Crock Pot Girls now and get cooking. Well, not really because you barely do anything when you use a Crock Pot, which is awesome.

Hehe, I would do this...

2. Runners World posted an article on how to avoid weight gain during marathon training. Here is a little info. on that. I don’t necessarily think it is something you should worry about when training, weight gain is usually muscle BUT it is something to be mindful of. I have heard people complain to me about this before and for anyone dealing with unwanted lbs while training- check it out.

**Note, in my opinion, marathon training is not a weight loss program it is a strengthening program. There are better and safer ways to loose weight, I don’t think it should be a focus when you are training.

3. This post from the lovely, Sarah at Yes and Yes, with a travel guide to Turin, Italy. My parents are currently abroad in Italy and I received a drunk dial excited call from my mother the other night.

Oh, hi Mom and Dad...

“Molly, we miss you… we are dancing at a discotecha and explored Rome all day!”

These are not actually my parents, FYI.

Yes, my parents lead a more exciting life than I do. Between this post and my fun-loving-life-stealing parent’s escapade to Italy… I am aware that I still have lots of world left to explore and chocolate to eat. The world is too tiny to stay locked up in Minneapolis for the rest of my life. The same goes for you!!

4. It’s the freaking weekend: Make this delicious looking recipe from Recipe Girl Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. I mean, is that not the perfect lazy morning breakfast?! I may be at my parents on Sunday, if these are made and consumed I will post my shot at them. They will not look as perfect…

Well, that is all I have for today. Super random and not rhyme or reason. Just thought they could be some nice weekend reads for my millions, oh, excuse me- it looks like it just went up to TRILLIONS of reader. Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace, Love and Cocktails!

Shopping Whoopsies…

Today, I went to the mall. No, not the mall… The Mall of America.


This place has been the love of my life since I was a little girl. I asked my mom to take me at least once a week. When I walked in I remember thinking I was in heaven. I could walk around and care less if I got lost or bought anything; I just loved looking at all of the pretty clothes, toys and jewelry. My mom even talks about how cute I used to be (mind you I was chubby and had a uni-brow), she says I as her FAVORITE daughter to take shopping because I would never ask for anything. Cough, Cough, see Megan and Kate, I was the favorite…

Anyways, favoritism aside, times have changed and I am a terrible shopper. The stores love me, my bank account does not. Because, I LOVE SHOPPING AND BUYING THINGS. Yes, I love to purchase. I can admit it. I have had many roommates, family members and even random people on the street tell me I need to stop. OK, haha that was an exaggeration, people on the street don’t usually talk to me. I am aware of this “purchase problem” and every time I step foot in a shop I tell myself, “NO”. But I just can’t help it, it’s so fun…

Take today, I went to the lovely, beautiful, enchanting Mall of America- to get a dress for a friends wedding. I walked in on a mission telling myself, “Molly, no jeans, no shoes, no purses, no scarves.” (I guess I somewhat succeeded… left with none of those).

So here I am, a little lady on a mission and it happens… I walk into my first stop, H&M innocent enough, right?…

WRONG. I am immediately swept up by the music, the enormous pictures of sexy models, the colors, textures and even the SMELL (OK, that my have been the crepe stand near by), but I could not be stopped. Yes, I tried on eight dresses but left with none.

How could I not?!

Want to know what I left with? Black wide-legs, short overalls, and a fur vest. Great outfit for a wedding, Molly. Want to know what is worse!? I kept going, I could not be stopped. I wondered in a shoppers haze to Urban Outfitters, where I found not one dress but two. One I will wear tonight and one is so weird and random, I truly have no idea when I will wear it…. Anyways, after that purchase I stopped and took a deep breathe and somehow, stopped myself (after buying a Godvia chocolate). I left the mall. Somewhat confused, somewhat excited to wear a fur vest, somewhat disappointed in myself.

I sat in my car and wondered to myself, when will I get to wear my overalls?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I feel guilty, not really… I may when I look at my bank account. Did I learn something from this little escapade? Why yes.

As I drove away with those MOA stars and stripes whispering “Come back, Molly“, I reflected on my shopping shenanigans adventure and realized something…

That's not actually me...

I have a shopping problem… hehe , yes. But, I looked back on how I used to be as a kid. I never asked for anything, I loved to look at things and just BE at the mall. I have changed quite a bit since I was a wee little Molly and that’s what life is; a strange little, confusing, fun, busy adventure. We can change so much over the years and go from one thing to the next and that is OK. I am in a transition period now and that is OK. I may not be the little girl I once was but pieces of me are the same. No, I do not still have a uni-brow but I still love sweets, the mall and my mom. Change happens, be OK with it… it will all work out.

Like me, someday I will not be a shop-o-holic.

Until then my friends, shop on.

Admitting an Obsession

OK, I am admitting and obsession or even an addiction…. I love the Kardashians. All of them. Kris, the new Kris, Bruce, Kim, Courtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Scott, MASON, and even Rob.

I want to be one!!

They are completely entertaining and make me laugh hysterically. Now, some people make fun of me for loving this show.

“Why don’t you watch the news or something that will educate you?”

Well, you know what? Sometimes I want to watch something that does not use my mind at all. I am proud to admit that sometimes the mind needs dumb. Sometimes we need to look past what we “should” watch and or “should” do tonight and know that not everything is perfect (Scott makes me remember this). Imperfection is totally OK and the little things in life make those imperfections forgettable. The Kardashians are one of my little guilty pleasures.

Life is simple, simple things make us smile, and even if everything isn’t perfect the little things can make it pretty close.

Love this.

Sometimes we just need to let ourselves laugh and to dig deep into celebrity gossip… and not act like we are above it.

I am a Kardashian addict and I am proud. Also, I love the Jersey Shore ๐Ÿ™‚ They make me laugh.